The Excitement Of 2019

With the end of the year approaching fast, its got us thinking about the future, mainly 2019. There are so many wonderful things happening in 2019, from new rides, to new scares, new parks to new experiences.. So we had a chat and each decided on 2 things that we are excited for so far about 2019


Lord Vampires Monster Party

First thing for me is Legoland Windsor resort new mad house, Lord Vampires Monster Party,  Now I’m a massive fan of Hex at Alton Towers, so when it was released that Legoland Windsor was getting a new Vekoma (the main suppliers for big capacity mad houses) mad house for 2019 I could not be more excited as one has not been done in the UK for a fair few years. So far it looks great with the ride installed and the warehouse is up and the facade looks great. The images released for the main ride looks awesome as well and I can’t wait to get on the ride and see what it is like when it opens in the spring of 2019

All Scare Attractions

The second thing is of course scare related coming from me. I’m very much looking forward to what all the scare attractions and scare events have planned for the new season. If there will be new mazes, additions, shows or entertainment? But also looking forward to what Faceless Ventures will be up to as well. After doing most of their shows last year, I’ve already got Cracked and their Cruelty show to look forward to experiencing. But also what else they have up their sleeves as well and shows planned. I truly love these guys and I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for them and what shows they will doing, I’ll likely be doing most of them and they truly masters of immersive horror and extreme haunts.


Blackpool Birthday Weekend

Its scary to think that i’m turning 31 next year. In gay years, i’m already dead. But in all those years of being alive, i’ve never actually been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Shocking I know. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my friends, but the problem for me was that most live up north and i’m very south. So it was either do Alton Towers (Which is practically half way for us) or spend 6 glorious hours on the old choo choo and head to Blackpool. The plan is to spend a day at Pleasure Beach (Yes Valhalla will done) and have a merlin and other attractions day. So Dungeons, Funny Girls, Madame Tussauds. The basic Blackpool shit! Its going to be a fun and fabulously camp weekend and I can’t wait.

My ‘First’ European Park

This one is still a might be happening. I am determined to get abroad to a park next year, but at the moment i’m not entirely sure which one I will be heading to, or when. Its either Liseberg or Phantasialand. I have been to an overseas park before, but it was a one day trip to Disneyland Paris many many years ago and before I was properly into parks,so it doesn’t count. So planning for that will begin in the new year and if anyone wants to come, than please do. I’m a nervous flyer so an distractions would be appreciated.

Hey there, Dan here, given a little assignment from Dom ,to select two things we look forward to in the 2019 season. After deciding wether or not to include new potential Pot Noodle flavours I settled with these.



I think the most obvious is the next upcoming shows by the one and only Faceless Ventures. After being a scare actor for 3 years and loving attractions that add that bit extra, “Extreme Sanctuary” a noteable mention. I was overjoyed when Amber introduced me to the world of Immersive Horror Entertainment.
My first show was the psychological enigmatic experience known as Interieur. A show that merged physical action alongside truly psychological fear . After facing Interieur I was blown away on just what Immersive Horror could be . For this reason alone, Unwrapped was booked on the same night of completion and not too long after “Cruelty”. And this leads me to my first true item to look forward to and that is FV with colaberation from the one and only Mikey from the leader in Scare industry reviewing and podcasts. Im am of course talking about ScareTrack. At this time I already am geniunly feeling aphrehensive of the completly non ambigiously named “Cruelty” knowing that we shall (see ,feel, and TASTE)the raw inhibited emotion,I dread to think what I will be putting in my mouth. But at the same time having too very well versed partners of the Scare Industry collaborating for one sure to be amazing show. How can I not lot look forward to this .


The second thing I look forward too in the 2019 season is the potential for Haunting.Net’s diabolical twisted card game to return for a second session under the dark hand of Faceless Ventures. I am of course talking about HVRTING. After being introduced to this revolutionary card game that mixes Immersive Horror / Cunning ,Deception and Power with full on abuse “In a good way” that will leave you smiling ,entertained and ofcourse HVRTING,I knew Given the chance I had to take part in this show. Admittedly I have personally pestered “and I think thats fair to say” the lovely Lee and Sarah to bring back this one of a kind experience. To be part of the legacy of the HVRTING high rollers is so high on my bucket list to the point my high roller outfit is allready decided. Given a taste of this show in the 3rd section of the last show UNWRAPPED ,I knew then and there HVRTING is my destiny and I dare say the amazing Rosalie,Frankie and Callum from my reactions and my demenour during the snippet know my full on enthusiasm for HVRTING.Interestingly there has been numerous hints and clues that HVRTING could return for a second helping and I really hope it does ,Because if this is the case I will play to win ,No matter what the cost… This mentality im sure Amber will be proud of ,Alongside HVRTING it would seem that FVX may be preparing to unleash a UK tasting of HVRTING L.A’s various “extra immersive horror options” This being Spa,Taxi’s and more.The future is dark, the future is immersive! The future is F A C E L E S S V E N T U R E S

So that’s what us three are excited for. There is more, but we thought we had better only choose two each for this otherwise you will be forever reading and we can’t have that! We wish you all a happy, healthy, fun and scary 2019!

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