The Enthusiast Nag

Theme Park enthusiasts can be the most wonderful bunch of people but they can also be the biggest arses imaginable. We feel that we need to have a nag about them though as the annoyances have been building for some time.


This one seems to be a staple of the theme park enthusiast community and we don’t know why. We all love theme parks and roller coasters, yet people seem to feel that they need to shame people because they have a low coaster count, or haven’t visited as many parks, or even if they get some information incorrect. Its not nice and really makes the community seem like real arses. I hate this and have been at the receiving end of the shame. I will not allow anyone to judge me on my coaster count or parks i’ve visited and i will give anyone the middle finger who does. You are not worth our time!

Comments on Official Page’s Comments

This one is bizarre and i’ve never understood it. People will comment on the official pages with negative things or experiences and the geeks seem to jump on them for having an opinion. I mean, A, your not helping and B, you look like a twat. I get that geeks are loyal to some places, but to jump on someone on social media in what can be quite a rude and aggressive manner should not be acceptable in the community. Leave it to the official pages to reply to the negative comments. I’m not against helping guests by providing people with helpful information but jumping on those who either post silly or negative isn’t good. 


The community as a whole is extremely judgy. We need to stop it. We judge new rides before we’ve experienced them. We judge new food, flat rides, IP’s, bloggers, vloggers, theme parks. We judge so much based on minimal information. Gone are the days of just going somewhere, having a laugh and giving zero fucks about these sort of things. Its almost as if we want to find the negatives in everything even when we haven’t experienced it. Its a bit dumb really. 

Blowing Fake News Up!

Enthusiasts do this a lot and it can be quite annoying. When they find the smallest of rumour we jump on it and blow it right up to this big thing without knowing the facts and it starts the rumour mill off and it gets to a point where its so hard to tell what is fake news and true and we then end up just not believing anything about that piece of news. Its a pain in the butt. I genuinely wish people would blow that shit up!


Yes, i’m pissed of with what is usually a positive. Let me explain. Loyalty is good, but when it comes to theme parks there is loyalty and then there is super loyalty. This is the people who can’t find a fault with anything that park does despite its many failings. These super fans will always put their favourite park on a pedestal and will actively seek out negatives abut other parks and use them as their defence for their love of that park. Get a fecking grip man! Te UK parks all suck in different ways and the sooner we stop brown nosing them, the sooner we might see some actual positive changes!






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