Don’t Do These Inside!

This weeks Nag for Nag-vember is people who visit scare attractions and what they do inside scare attractions that annoys both Amber and I. Now this one will be interesting as we will have two different perspectives on this. Amber will have it from an actor point of view, whereas Dom will see it from a visitor point of view. So shall we begin!

People Who Have Phones Out!

Unless you’re media and have permission to film inside scare attractions, than guests shouldn’t have their phones out. It will slow operations down and you just look silly having them out. Most of the time its too dark for things to be seen clearly anyway so why waste everyone’s time by having your phone out. Plus chances are the actors won’t try to scare you if you have your phone out so it not only ruins it for other people, you are ruining it for yourself. Plus, if an actor accidentally breaks  phone, its your own fault!

People Who Stop!

This one annoys both of us. We don’t get why people who go into scare attractions get so scared that they just stop. Its not just a singular stop. They stop every time they see another person in the attraction. Stopping will ruin the experience for the guests behind you too and it will cause a backlog, meaning the guests who are stuck behind you miss out on the full experience. Its rather annoying!

Trying To Distract The Actors

Why!?! Why would you try to distract the actors. You go to be scared, so trying to distract them from doing what you’ve gone there to experience seems a bit, well, dumb. Also, why do people try to have conversations with the actors if they aren’t scared. Its not like they are going to break character and go “Alright”. And then there are some who try to actually scare the actors. I mean, seriously. Don’t. You won’t scare them.

Acting Like A Twat

At every scare attraction, there will always be those people who just act like twats. Be it calling the rude words, acting like thugs or even attacking the actors. I mean, Don’t ever do this. You will ruing the experience for not only yourselves but literally for everyone including the staff and actors. If you act like a twat than you deserve to be escorted from the premises.

Basically, if you respect the attractions and everyone involved in the attractions than you will not only have a good time yourself, but everyone else will have a good time!

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