A Closer Look At …… Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park

I thought it was about time I got writing another A Closer Look At… and for this weeks choice we are heading to Immersive Event’s Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park. This scream park is different to the rest purely because of its setting. It is set in a prison, hence the name. The scream park is home to 6 scare attraction, which I will get into a bit further down. The scream park runs on selected nights, those being Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Thursday 18th, Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of October. Tickets start from £5 for one maze up to £20 for all 6, which is great value for money when you compare it to other events. The event is suitable for people 12+ and for those who love scare attractions as chances are you will be screaming.


Now for the attractions. As i said earlier, there are 6 attractions on offer. They are:

House No7


The family in house no 7 will educate you in their way of righteousness and rid Shrewsbury of its evil

Jamboree Encore


Jamboree invites you to the greatest show in Shropshire. You will die with laughter

The Cell


In a world where the justice system failed, private prisons stepped into place. With no rights, no visits and no way out will you survive the cell

Phantom Finders


Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen a spook, spectre or poltergeist? Join the phantom finders on a paranormal investigation at the Dana motel.



Can’t sleep? Do nightmares keep you up every night? Orem Laboratories can help with the nightmares so join the experimental program and sleep well

Shrewsbury Town Meat Market


Supplying Shrewsbury with the finest meat products, Shrewsbury meat market is a CUT above the rest, SLASHING prices of your everyday meat. Come tour our meat factory and see the butchers at the GRIND stone.

The prison gates open from 18:30 with the mazes opening from 19:00pm until 22:45pm. Its a free roam park too, so you can do the mazes in any order you wish.

To buy tickets to the event you can go to their Website or you can call them on 01743 211770.

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