Deathcell – R Space Productions

Before I go on with my review, I just want to say a massive well done to the whole R Space Team and to Steph Rickets. I’m very proud to have gone through an attraction I helped fund. You all should be so proud of what you created. You did an amazing job. Your hard work and sleepless nights have well and truly paid off and had a really well balanced and intense experience and something I had never experienced before and you 100% made me feel like I was in Deathcell. I was panicked, terrified, scared and was going to do what ever I could to get out and I had to really use my head which I failed at…. A massive well done and thank you for what you’ve created. it’s a truly unique and amazing experience.


Last weekend we experienced Deathcell by R Space Productions. This is an all new immersive experience, that’s a cross between a scare attraction, immersive theater and escape room all rolled into one attraction which I’ve never seen been done before. Deathcell is a 30 minute experience where the guests decide their own fate and make choices that affect the whole group. There is betrayal, deceit and impossible decisions inside Deathcell where you will truly become part of the experience.


The story of Deathcell for those who did not get to experience it is as follows. A divided post Brexit Britain. In an attempt to settle public unrest, the government, wrote into the law the harmony act of 2019, immediately setting up detention centers where anyone from the public can nominate someone who causes them upset to be detained. After years of corruption and misuse, the government lost control of these institutions and they became their own entity. Those who were sent, never came back and were presumed dead. These public prisons earned a new name among the citizens as ‘Deathcell’.
So now the exciting part. What happened to us when we entered Deathcell and did we get out? So we took the train and we arrived in Greenwich. We arrived feeling excited and nervous as to what to expect from this experience. We walked about 5mins from the station and we found the Old Joinery tucked away in a corner. You would not of known it was even there, but you could here all the noises, screams and cry’s of the inmates already in Deathcell from outside of the building.

We stood outside and were greeted by two lovely ladies from the team who checked our tickets and asked us what we were expecting. We generally had no idea what to expect at all. Then a few minutes later, these two tramp characters came along with a trolley of their findings, trying to sell it to us. They were truly brilliant, interacting with the whole group and talking to us and trying to find out why we were there and what goes on inside. According to them it’s a gay sauna. One of them gave us this bit of plastic with a number on it (it was a credit but we did not know this at the time. These get put into a vending machine to help you get out of Deathcell) I put it into my back pocket thinking nothing of it and that it was just a bit of plastic I was given. I even got a selfie with them haha. Then we were told to stand by a brown door and it opened. It was about to begin…
We were meet by another member of the team who explained to us the safety speech and told us to leave our bags in the room, as we were about to be immersed into the experience. Then out of no where the Flys came into the room. They were looking at us and then they pointed to the white suits on the wall. We put them on. We were being sent into Deathcell. We were part of Deathcell. We were split up and we were sent right. The Flys grabbed us and pushed us along. We entered a room. There was a lady on an electric chair with a Fly in front of her. In a corner was a dead inmate slumped on the floor in a heap. We were put against a wall with metal on it and wires (I genuinely shat myself thinking shit, am I about to get electric shocks. For people who don’t know it’s my biggest fear). We watched as she was tortured and killed in the electric chair by the Fly. She violently spat blood out and struggled and then she was added to the other person on the floor. We were then informed that it was our turn next. I was grabbed by one of the Flys and put into the chair. I literally was thinking oh god, what’s going to be done to me, I was generally scared and thinking I’m going to next. Then the Fly put two cables together that sparked right in front of me. I was then grabbed and we were all taken to the next room which was the arena. We were all placed on benches and an inmate was called in to fight one of us in the group. She had pink on her collar she was wearing. A young man was grabbed from our group. This was an actor placed in our group and none of us worked it out, and this fight scene played out in from of us. It was terrifying and very intense and then she hit him on the head with a bottle and he fell to the floor. This was meant to be her last fight, but she had to do it again and she was angry and wanted to speak to the fucking warden. Then she was taken away and put back to her cell.

We were then grabbed one by one and put into the next room. I was put into a corner facing the wall. My heart was beating fast and I was terrified and biting my nails as I had no idea what was going on behind me. I was put into a room by myself with an inmate who was going crazy. This was the escape room part (the group is split up into two separate rooms, half and half, some how I put on my own in here) The other group was next door. You had a choice to work as a team or fight and escape just for your group to get the credits which were padlocked away. We were very very close to getting it but we got east and west mixed up somehow. The other group did not solve their puzzle either. They had to work out a crime and there were pictures and stuff on the walls and clues to help us on our room too. They were with an inmate too, who was blue, and he talks the talk. We were with Andrew who was orange and he was distressed and going nuts when I was in the room. We had to get numbers and put them into the right combination to get the padlock undone. Then after a while player yellow came in and grabbed us and took us out to a vending machine asking if we had any credits. I had that one in my pocket so I ripped open my suit and gave it to her and she put it in the machine and we had to chose something to help us get out and this also determined our ending and how we got out. I chose the screwdriver thinking most useful thing we could get. Then we were lead to an office and had to get keys and a card to get out but then a rough Fly came in who was a previous inmate of Deathcell. He was red and had turned on them all. Yellow had a gun and was going to kill him. He grabbed someone as a human shield. She pointed the gun and pulled the trigger but it failed and he killed her. Then we were told to get out and run! This was like a scare maze were we were chased by the Flys and had the inmates grabbing after us and then we were out.

Also a note, the other route the other half of the group were sent, they meet another Fly like character and they had a waterboarding scene. I don’t know much about this as I did not go that way. Also depending on if you escaped and cracked the escape room bit and what you chose from the vending machine depended on the ending you got as well. It was a multi routed experience and had alternative endings to which is fantastic.
We had such an amazing time. The 30mins flew by and I wished it was longer and could of got to go though again! I loved the fact you were fully immersed into the attraction by being given your own Deathcell suit to wear. The people you meet and saw and tried to help were fantastic and how intense and distressed, angry etc they were felt real and the story was clear and could be followed throughout. These guys were on another level and I really had no idea what was going to happen next or predict what was going to happen. I was scared, flustered, terrified but it was bloody amazing. I loved it. There is nothing else out their like it to me that I’ve done and I really can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next. If this is anything to go by then I’m very excited to see their next project. A MASSIVE well done to you all!

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