A Closer Look At ….. Xtreme Scream Park

Before we go into this in detail we have to admit that we will be incredibly biased with this as we know a few actors/actresses working there this year as well as other factors, thus causing us to be biased.


After lasts years ScareCON win for Best Halloween Attraction for The Village, a lot of eyes are on Xtreme Scream Park to pull off another year of incredible haunts. And will they do? Of course they fucking will as they have a great team this year (told you, biased).

So here are the basics. Xtreme Scream Park is located at Twinlakes Park, just outside Melton Mowbray. It runs for 20 nights this year, 28th – 29th Sep, 5th – 7th Oct, 12th – 14th Oct and 18th – 31st Oct. Prices vary depending on when you visit with both chicken and fastrack options too.

So onto the attractions. Xtreme have 6 Scare mazes this year. They are:

Ash Hell Penitentiary


In 1609 a prison was built like no other. It was specifically designed to house and rehabilitate the criminally insane in particular inmates with cannibal tendencies. The People of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland had previously locked insane cannibal family members in secret attics and cellars to avoid public interference, they fed on the homeless community.

The local people became fearful as Cannibalism spread, the Duke and Duchess of Eaton convinced the Lord Major of Thrussington to remove these flesh thirsty individuals from towns and counties.  The Lord Major, whose family fed on human organs as part of an aristocratic diet was forced to build a unique Prison, and from this Ash Hell Penitentiary was built. Designed to house these primitive prisoners in comfort, Ash Hell was jointly managed between trusties and specially selected highly qualified guards.

The Duke of Whissendine was a highly respected judge and was a poetic cannibal, rarely indulged on human flesh, specializing more in human sacrifices. At the age of 35 he voluntarily admitted himself to Ash Hell Penitentiary and positioned himself as the Governor , due to his status in the community he was welcomed to this role and was trusted by all. His thirst for human flesh in the early years was controlled with new prisoners, the weak, ill or frail. As years went by the guards and trustees became curious of the Duke and other inmates and wanted to try human flesh. The Duke was still an influential body in the community and many innocent people were sentenced to Ash Hell on his authority, these were quickly “de-fleshed” by Ash-Hell inmates.

By 1610 cannibalism had become acceptable human behaviour inside Ash Hell Penitentiary, victims were bought from flesh markets and secretly smuggled in to feed the primitive inmates, the disposal of bones was a problem. The flesh eating Duke began extending his empire, burying the butchered human bones in the walls!

Hoodoo Voodoo


The Voodooists have advertised an event to the public promoting cleansing, enrichment and purity of the mind to those attending their ritual. Those entering the HooDoo attraction are promised eternal enlightenment and epiphany, with all negativity removed from their lives, leaving them in an eternal bliss with new perspectives on life. However all is not as it seems…

Since attending the rituals, few have been seen since, with those managing to escape HooDoo VooDoo being left in pits of despair, broken, tormented and suffering. It has been rumored that the voodooists have been falsely luring innocents into the attraction and using their souls as a sacrifice and offering to the Gods. These sacrifices have throughout history, pleased the Gods, preventing disaster and devastation to the Voodoo tribes. Your visit to HooDoo VooDoo is also your sacrifice, where you risk soul extraction, your emotions abolished and eternal emptiness…

Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa


Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa – Melton Mowbray’s finest country Mansion opens its doors to unveil the secrets of the most desirable form – the Human Body. Escape and feel the pleasure, we will transform you, beauty or beast? Prepare to experience relaxation beyond your worst nightmares. We will take you and make you beautiful with memorable treatments to die for, designed uniquely for every individual, change is perfection, perfection is change – beauty is in the eye of the Master – he will redesign you, transform you, there is nothing more pleasurable than pain, beautiful sweet pain, we are all beautiful, your body is ours, what is your desire?

The Pie Factory


Melton Mowbray’s Pie Factory locally sources only the best, prime cuts of meat to produce 100% Manmade Pies. Step inside the doors and make your way through the 2000 sq. ft complex to discover the gruesome process that goes into making these world famous pies. Duck, dodge and squeeze your way around 15 uniquely themed zones as you’re herded through Melton Mowbray’s very own production line, going behind the scenes and finding out first hand, what goes into Melton Mowbray’s Finest. Mrs Momma Hog though as been changing the ingredients in the pies recently and is now making humans into pies… Do you dare and come to the Pie Factory and see how they are made, be careful though, you might be next!

The award winning The Village


During the year of 1974 throughout the land there has been an increase of farmland pests threatening the crops. In order to sustain the human race, an agency backed Professor Crow, granting him large sums of money to create genetically modified scarecrows to effectively deal with the problem. These scarecrows were to be designed with the ability to scare off any unwanted visitors.

Professor Crow conducted research into mixing scarecrows with human living tissue and embryos and eventually he reached his success. His creation, the perfect scarecrow had been born.        Professor Crow wanted more he craved the ultimate intellectual hybrid, the human brain would be the only option and so it began…

The scarecrows intelligence rapidly increased, no longer content with containment in their fields and so they turned their attention to the humans. In order to control his creations, bending them to his will to perform the merciless deeds, Professor Crow embodies the figure of a crow through his clothing, mannerisms and actions. The perfect scarecrows will obey his command and revere him as a God like figure – their creator. Only when dressed accordingly do the mutant Scarecrows recognise Professor Crow as their master, any resemblance to a human would be his downfall. Sacrifices will be made to appease the God.

Customers entering this attraction are attending the Village Harvest Festival, bringing with them their offering. However once inside, they will witness devastation beyond their imagination…

And Curtain Chaos – The Final Curtain!
Curtain Chaos – The Final Curtain! rolls back for one last time, one of our original attractions, that is just fun and frightening from beginning to end, if you can find your way out! A one show wonder – clowns! The theme of this attraction is changed every year by the Twisted imaginations of Xtreme Scream design team, we hope this year you laugh your head off as Curtains Chaos faces its final curtain..Entertainment at its finest, the best in the business, a show for everyone! Clowns! Everyone loves CLOWNS! Death or retirement either way you’ve had it, sick tears on faces of worn paint, crazy old clowns good for nothing but lion fodder. The red and white stripes will disappear along with the laughing faces, Zombie clowns with red noses. Join them in a mayhem of demolition chaos in their final performance. DEATH of Curtains, can you find your way out or will you stay there forever?

As well as all that scary excitement there is:

👨‍🎤 Festival Entertainment including live bands
🎡 2 rides included in the price
💀 Street Theatre
🔥 New fire shows/acts
🍔 Food vans
🍩 Donut shack, ice creams and sweets
🍺 Licensed bars
👕 Official Shops selling merchandise
🚗 Free Parking

So yeah, there is an lot happening over at Xtreme Scream Park. More information about this wonderful place can be found HERE!

All images are taken from the Xtreme Scream Park Facebook page!




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