A Closer Look At….. Scare Kingdom Scream Park

For out second A Closer Look At, we’ve decided to head up north to one of our favourite scare parks. Scare Kingdom Scream Park announced their Halloween season quite early compared to most of the others, but they have a reason. This year they will be celebrating their 10th birthday and they really are pulling out all the guts this year.


So lets start with the simple bit. On selected dates between 5th October and 4th November, Scare Kingdom will open its doors to those wanting a fright. Prices depend on date with peak dates being slightly more expensive. This year included in the ticket is 6 attractions. There is also an upcharge attraction, which we will talk about later. As well as the 6 attractions, Scare Kingdom also have a Streetmosphere. These are characters that wander around and interact with guests. Madam Morgue, Necro Nancy and Demi Monde will all be keep guests entertained. There is also a fortune teller. If you’re feeling thirsty, why not visit Dougie’s Den for that drink to calm the nerves after you’ve experienced the scares.

Now onto the 6 attractions that Scare Kingdom have on offer this year

Death Chamber

 Prepare yourself for a ‘short sharp shock’ as you enter the Death Chamber, where a perfectly executed fright welcomes you to Scare Kingdom Scream Park, can you survive the scare?


The Sickness III – Zombiegeddon

Check in for an appointment with fear at the infamous High Hopes Hospital, where a new infestation presents the rotting medical facility swarming with zombies! Navigate the labyrinthine hospital under lockdown, where the infected undead await… Will The Sickness claim you?


Manormortis – Carnivale

The manor of death is back, re-configured and manifesting new chambers of fear!
Meet the macabre showman, Voodini, as his spectral sideshow rolls into town to present a supernatural spectacular. Within the gothic mansion, the nightmarish cast of the sinister Carnivale. Welcome you to the gravest show on earth, where they are just DYING for an audience…


Black Mass

Within the snaking hallways of the chapel of All Hallows Haven, the secretive Order of Crimson Wax are preparing for The Waxing, their diabolic annual ceremony. Evade the clutches of the brotherhood if you can, for all who enter must surrender as a living sacrifice to their demonic demigod.


Body Snatchers – The House that Jack Built

In 1888 the streets of old Whitechapel bleed with fear… At the end of Knox Alley, Brimstone & Black’s fetid funeral parlour is open once again, sanctuary of a mysterious ‘man in black’. They call him leather apron, but he is better known as Jack, and he built this house… Don’t miss it, or you’ll be gutted!


Flesh Market

In the dimly lit backstreets of old Cripplegate, Ben Crouch supplies human organs to the highest bidder. Those not intending to buy, are fair-game in his black-market body auction… Creep through the human trap tunnel, and hold on tightly to the rope that guides you, it is your only hope of escape from this hooded hell-hole…


As mentioned earlier, Scare Kingdom have an upcharge attraction.

Psychomanteum – ZERO

The world-renowned scare entertainment experience returns with an all-new unique one-on-one assault on the senses. Officially dubbed ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’, Psychomanteum is shocking and graphic in equal measure. Admit yourself and discover the origin tale of Psychomanteum, are you up to the treatment?


Proof of age is required for Psychomanteum and it really isn’t for the faint hearted.

We can’t deny that we are huge, no, humongous Scare Kingdom fans, so we may be a little biased when we say this but, Scare Kingdom really is such an amazing scream park. It has a wide range of scares from medium to ridiculous and Psychomanteum is just insane.

Tickets can be booked at Scarekingdom.com

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