A closer look at ….. Frightmare 2018

With Scare Attractions beginning to announce their plans for the October and the Halloween season, I thought it would be good to start having more of an in depth look at what some of the attractions are offering this year and try to get new people wanting to potentially visit the attraction for some frightfully good fun. So once a week we are going to have a closer look into each attraction. So lets start with Frightmare.


Frightmare, in Gloustershire, is held annually in October at Over Farm Market. This years dates are 6th, 12-13th, 19th-20th and 24th – 31st October. That is 13 nights of scary fun. This year it has 5 main scare attractions and during October half term, it will have some family friendly activities happening during the day for those little wannabe scarers. Tickets are available at frightmare.co.uk and vary in price depending on date visiting and group of people. A queue jump option is also available.  A cheaper option is also available for their preview night. Tickets for the preview night are £16.50, but this will be treated as a warm up and gives the actors a chance to get used to the environment with guests inside the attractions.

Frightmare this year has 5 scare attractions. They are:

Caged: The Compound


2017 was all about prisoners being experimented on to find a cure for illnesses. This year the Government wants to build an unstoppable force, a hybrid soldier.

The ultimate weapon. The best of the best have been recruited to undergo specific gene splicing procedures with nature’s best beasts, to create the ultimate hybrid special force. Unfortunately, the beasts within do not want to follow orders and they refuse to be CAGED! Their mission is to rid the world of the UNCAGED and become the ALPHA species.

They’ve broken rank and joined forces… 2018 the year the BEASTS bite back!

Haunted Hayride: The Curse


Over Farm has had its fair share of mishaps in the last few years. There was the time a strange corporation turned up to harvest visitors organs, then they rented out some of the farm buildings as a ‘modern’ prison and there was that time they let a corporation dump their toxic waste on the graveyard.

This year is going to be different. Whilst planting pumpkins seeds Farmer Gunther found some strange artefacts; a totally intact black candle, a witch’s poppet and a curse inscribed on a lead tablet. It’s hit the press and local historians have confirmed the farm as the site where several witch trials took place in the 17th Century. After the media frenzy died down Gunther realised this was chance to get the farm back on the map. The farm has become a Witchcraft museum with many of the artefacts found on display. Join us on a tour of the site where witchcraft was practised, and punished. What could possibly go wrong?

Seance: The Gate


Abandoned and avoided, The Crest mansion still stands. A house so haunted, it was compared to the legendary Belascoe House (Hell House).

Spirits and demons abound, this run down Victorian mansion has, for many, been a sought after paranormal prize. Many have challenged its secrets, and many more are said to have vanished within its stone walls. Even the spirit of Victorian spiritualist Ophelia Balladour vanished into a dark portal at the last séance that took place there.

Gloucestershire Wraith Hunters (GWH), TV’s local paranormal celebs, are going in. The teams’ psychic, Dawn Rising, still believes that a séance is the only “true” way to find the spirits and locate this “gateway”.

So let the vigil begin. In the “house where darkness doesn’t sleep”, what will be discovered, or what will be unleashed?

The Offering: Buried 


In 1932 world famous explorer and archeologist Sir Bartholomew Mortimer and his assistant Mary Combes set out on a an exploration of some ancient caves. He made a major discovery; catacombs and a mysterious temple.

Filmmakers were sent to document the findings. The British Museum were eager for artefacts and pushed Sir Mortimer to rush the dig. Suddenly communications went dark, the cave location was lost and Sir Mortimer and his team were never heard of again. Their disappearance became the mystery of the decade. The story became an urban myth with talk of an ancient tribe, abominable practices and that Mary is somehow still alive; a prisoner of a primitive monstrous people. Now it’s your turn to explore that which has been buried.

Wonderland: Oblivion


The looking glass has shattered,
And all are feeling battered.
Enter this dark and dangerous land
Your bonkers friends will be at hand.
Enter through the rabbit hole
You’ll want to rush, no need to stroll.
Enter where confusion lies
You won’t believe your very eyes.
Is it me or is it you?
Is that real, is it true?
Seeing double? Don’t be sad.
Just don’t forget, we’re all mad.

At the moment that is all that is currently known about the attractions, so it will be very interesting to see what changes have been made to them, especially given that each attraction has received a new overlay to last year. But that’s not all. Along with the scare attractions, Frightmare also have a licensed bar, a food court featuring Over Farm BBQ, Fat Toni’s Pizzeria and Passion 4 Juice. There will also, of course, be entertainment  with magician’s, roaming characters and the resident clown and there will be a couple of fairground rides too. With so much on offer, why haven’t you booked your ticket to the South West’s biggest scream park!


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