Why the changes to Scarefest are good!

As announced by the wonderful people at TowersTimes, Scarefest will be undergoing some changes this year. We’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to be a bit annoyed by the changes, but we feel that the changes we know about are actually good.

Let’s start with the big news that Alton Towers will be retiring its longest running maze, Terror of the Towers: What lies within. A lot of people have said previously how the maze has become stale and repetitive as it hasn’t really undergone many changes in its 9 years of operation under the What Lies Within theme and that it was about time it got retired, but now that it’s been confirmed to be leaving, everyone is sad and upset that it’s goingS Lets be honest, it had become a bit boring and relative so it being retired doesn’t really come as a surprise. It will always have a special place in many peoples heart but it’s time for it to leave. To replace it, Project 42 has been announced. Little is actually known about the maze at the moment, but rumours are it will be going in the Nemesis Sub Terra building, as that is currently having work done, but that’s not to say it couldn’t be in the Same location as Terror of the Towers.

The announcement also confirms that Sub Species: The End Games, The Welcoming and The Altonville Mine Tour: Legends of the Skin Snatchers will all be returning. There seems to be a lot of annoyance as to why The Welcoming is returning. It’s such a beautiful scare attraction. To many it lacked the scares, and we would agree to an extent, but it has to be Alton Towers most themed scare attraction to date. The problem we felt it had was that it was too open, so you could see the scares coming, so hopefully they will make it feel a bit tighter and more compact and add some surprise scares into it. The story was very good and it definitely helped build a buzz towards Wicker Man so it will be very interesting to see what they do with it this year. Altonville Mine Tours was really good last year, so no changes really need to be made in my opinion as it scared the shot out of me last year and I have no idea why.

When Sub Species opened, it had the element of surprise. People didn’t know what happened inside the attraction, and this made it the highlight of the 2015 Scarefest line up. Since then however, it’s become a bit stale and a bit boring because it no longer has that surprise element. If Sub Species wants to go back to how intense and scary it was when it opened than it needs to reinvent the way it’s done. It needs that unpredictability and uncertainty back. But it’s still one of the scarier offerings at Alton Towers and with the fact that work has started quite early on it, we could potentially see some changes (we hope) and this make it rather exciting. Anything is possible with this attraction and even if it does return in the same way as last year, it’s not a complete disaster.

House of Monsters is by far the biggest surprise hit of Scarefest in recent years, so I’m not surprised it’s being extended and I fully welcome the change. It’s just a wonderful family attraction and one the park should be very very proud off. This is literally the most exciting news on the whole announcement. Having no children or no urge to visit CBeebies Land or any of he child friendly Halloween attractions before, it’s nice that Alton Towers are still fully embracing everyone during Scarefest and it’s nice to see them adding a new female character in the form of Gretyl the Witch. Alton Towers have always succeeded in grabbing the family market for Scarefest and it’s something they do amazingly well. As well as all that there will also be roaming actors

” Galactica Airways – Meet the AI air cabin crew of Galactica airways, always at your service whether you like it or not.

Ghost Pirates – This motley crew of pirate wash-ups have followed the sound of the siren all the way to Mutiny Bay.

The Towers Gothic ruins are rumoured to be home to a number of supernatural forces – do you get the feeling somebody’s watching from the windows?”

Above information taken straight from Alton Towers Scarefest website!

This year could be an amazing year for Alton Towers and their Scarefest event. If they do it right, it could blow everything out the water. Time will tell, but the signs are looking positive and we can’t wait to experience this years event. Roll on October 👻

Scarefest runs 6th – 7th, 13th – 14th and 19th October – 2nd November.

[📸 credit – Z14Photgraphy]

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