Ghoulies Haunted House

After learning about these guys from other people who have visited the attraction and their recent SCAR award nomination, I thought my other half Andy would like to visit for our anniversary, So we decided to make the journey to Liverpool to experience Ghoulies X, an extreme haunt, that features the latest and best animatronics, live actors, masks and special effects. I really could not resist a visit to this place at all and after following them on Facebook for a long time I was excited, nervous and scared for my first visit.

On our way to the attraction, I began to get nervous and excited. I was talking and messaging the guys before our visit and said to them it was mine and my other half’s anniversary and they said they would sort something out for us which added to the nerves. Also their Facebook advertisements and promos scared and excited me to. There was a fair few things in here that are my fears (animatronics my biggest, yes i’m weird) and chainsaws. As we pulled into Liverpool we pass it on our way to the car park and we make our way to the attraction. First stop had to be a drink at their bar to settle nerves and they looked amazing too!


After a drink and chill out in the creepy yet well themed bar area, we were taken to the haunt area. We signed a waiver and were given the health and safety speech. We had the back story explained to us and what the haunt and experience is meant to feel like. It was your last day on earth and the world is ending. We waited by the black gates to be let in where we chatted with the lovely staff, and a first for me, they asked us how much we can take and how far we wanted the monsters to go. We said as much as you want. This was great. To be asked made it personal. Not long after our chat we hear a voice shout out feed me. We step through the black gates, and take a deep breath. We walked through corridors and we really were not welcome and set the plot perfectly and we navigated our way through to the red door. We pause and open the door.

As soon as we enter, the experience began. We meet our first character, who instantly had no issue getting into our personal space and making us feel uncomfortable. He had us by our necks and made us feel as uncomfortable as possible. We had a brief introduction and met our second character, sitting in a chapel, with a doctor and an alien like creature, who was grabbing us from the wall. At this point I was giggling. I said what are you doing here and the Dr took a liking to me. We were taken to a separate room where Andy was mainly picked on. He was made into my little pony and unicorn and ridden. I was in giggles at this point but they soon picked on me as Andy was lead away to another room. Soon enough all hell broke loose and we were roughly moved about, room to room. We were separated and tormented and  tormented together as well. The attraction was taken to the next level as they broke that fourth wall and called us by name and knew we were a couple.


Then things got really chaotic and all hell broke lose around us. I had a visit to the dentist, had a talk with a doctor who liked me… well tolerated me. I got a sticker as I was well behaved. This scene had me scared and in fits of giggles. We sat outside and the characters tormented us and they seemed to like tickling us as well. They grabbed my hair, moved me around and really got in our personal space. We navigated corridors and these two characters just popped out of no where and separated us. I have no idea how these guys got round so fast and before us. Then we had a clown character join us. Now there was three of them after us. The clown and the doctor seemed to be well and truly after me and kept cutting me off, tickling me and moving me around and man handling me. We were also put into the demons cupboard and we had no idea why we were in here. When we were put in, no one was in their with us, and then he was there, one of the best scares and scenes I’ve experienced to.

Then we go through more corridors and have to go through some of the most terrifying and amazing animatronics I have seen in an attraction. These scene’s had me screaming and my fingers in my ears too. I really was not liking it at that point. Then we got to the amazing final which had me terrified, screaming and running to the exit. It was like we were in a hospital scene. I had a clown on one side of me and to the other an alien, and was introduced to a chainsaw with the blade on it. I must add that I was made to touch this disgusting machine. I watched Andy being taken away and then I was lead to a small holding like bay where the chainsaw was revved  all up my back, spine and neck. Its a horrible feeling as it goes straight through your body. Then we got to the double doors and we stumbled into the bar area which is an attraction within itself.

Ghoulies X truly was an amazing experience and haunt. It has all the right mixes. Its terrifying, funny and will have you in fits of giggles throughout the attraction. I had an awesome time in this haunt and with it being just the two of us in there it felt very personal and the monsters never left our side and made sure we had on hell of a time while we were in there. We had so much fun in here and we were in their for a long time as well which was really good. We had a fantastic night here, full of fun, scares and screams and it also terrified us as well. Amazing job by these guys. Love it, and if your in the area most definitely check it out as you wont regret it.

I also would like to say thank you to guys who made the experience special for us on our special day really appreciated it fantastic night.

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