Room Escape Southend – The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb.


Once again we returned to Room Escape Southend, this time for their latest room The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb. With this next elaborate theme, we were transported to an Egyptian tomb. Our task was to find someone who went missing during an excavation of this ancient tomb where an evil curse was unleashed in the process. It was down to us to save ourselves, and the world, from the evil mummy.


Again the team here have done an amazing job in creating a beautiful Egyptian tomb and wonderland in such a short space of time, and you can tell from when you walk into the room how much effort has gone into it, however unlike any of their previous rooms they have done or we have done before, there is no padlocks anywhere. Its all done automatically. This is a massive step forward and to me. Its so clever and advanced for an escape room to do. This meant that now the padlocks have gone, the games were vastly different to how they were. They are more puzzle based, encryptions, riddles etc and to me, very much felt like I was in The Crystal Maze and it also meant for a long time I could help the team out massively as I was kept busy with puzzles, while the rest of the team could focus on something else in this room.


Also with this room, the number of rooms or sections in this were just as amazing as we seemed to open up new sections to explore and solve. Each section or room we found, pieces would randomly appear throughout, pieces were buried in the sand o n the floor, on the walls (yes their was sand and it ended up everywhere aha). This room also required you to go back to others rooms as well as there were bits in each room to help you solve the main room and to help you get the items required to reverse the curse of the tomb. As simple as this room sounded it was not as easy as you would think, but given there were moments in the room where you would be isolated from the group as you had to go off to do another sections in the room with the lights going out made it harder to remember what you were doing to.


Question is did we manage to escape and save ourselves and the rest of the world from the mummy’s curse? Yes we did manage to escape and this time with quite a bit of time spare too! whoop!! I absolutely loved this room. Everything from the theming, puzzles and scares were brilliant and I genuinely felt like I was doing the Crystal Maze. Fantastic job done by the team here, so proud of what they have done and achieved here. Also I must add the scares in this room were brilliant too. They came at points where you just did not expect it or when your attempting to solve something in the room. I did something when I jumped much to the groups amusement. I did some crab jump like a ballerina aha. I must add, our groups descriptions to help us solve puzzles or complete a task were the funniest, never in an escape room have we laughed so much.


I loved this new room done by Room Escape Southend. It was the perfect mix of puzzles, fun and scares. We were laughing at points, scared at points, making odd noises at points. It was just so much fun and such a good laugh too. A brilliant job by these guys again and I really cant wait to experience and do their next room as it sounds amazing. Well done Room Escape. we had a brilliant night and if you guys are in the area, book up and give it ago. You won’t regret it and it will be the most fun that you have had in an hour, trust me.


Room Escape Southend’s The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb runs until August 4th. They will then close to prepare for their next room, A Haunting on West Street!



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