Funny Girls

A few weeks ago for our anniversary, Andy surprised me and treated me to a trip to one of the places I’ve always wanted to go to when I’ve visited Blackpool, even more than the Pleasure Beach to an extent aah. He had booked us tickets to go and see Funny Girls in the evening. But not only that, we had VIP tickets and our own booth with waiter service and he got me a bottle of prosecco as well (he knows me to well).


I was so happy and excited to visit. It was like a dream come true. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Ru Paul’s Drag Race and drag queens so I was beyond excited to visit in the evening and it was their Icons Show on that night. This was going to be right up my street. I even brought a whole new outfit for it.

For those of you that don’t know what Funny Girls is, it is a mixture of different shows performed at different intervals throughout the night and they all have different themes as well, but this show was based on different icons and shows and we saw a variety of amazing and jaw dropping performances. The acts would come onto the bar area and all around the stage area and up the stairs.


So after a few drinks at the Pleasure Beach and a few pre-drinks at the hotel while getting ready… we went for food and a pitcher of cocktail and we took a taxi along Blackpool’s famous and beautiful promenade to the venue for the night. We arrived at Funny Girls. You cant miss the entrance to the place. It has huge, big doors and Funny Girls written all over the windows. We entered the building and we went to the bar and were shown to our seats by our lovely waitress, who asked if we wanted anything to eat or drink. She got us our drinks and came round and asked throughout the night if we wanted anything. The service was lovely and the staff were friendly and welcoming, It felt personal as well and the waiter liked my dress to asked were I got it from which was lovely too.


Then come 8:00pm. DJ Zoe comes out to warm us up with an introduction of what the show was going to be about and plays music and any requests and shout outs as well. Then came 8:30, the opening show begins and it was just spectacular. One of the most amazing and incredible openings to a show I have seen and it was done to one of the songs from The Greatest Showman. It was a spectacular opening and you truly felt like you were on the set of the Greatest Showman. Though out the night you had a mixture of performances from, singing to dancing acts. It was a fantastic night. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it and also the acts and shows truly blew me away and it was just incredible and stunning and fun shows. If you are up in Blackpool I would recommend so much that you go and check it out. You wont regret it and will have the worlds best time and have so much fun to.


Also I must add Andy did a shout out for me. He made me cry with happiness and the song that was played for us a Ru Paul song. It was so special and just added to the night. Plus Zoe kept on picking on me every time I went to the loo which was just brilliant. I will be going back for sure. I recommend you get your butts up there aha, to go and cheek it out.


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