Faceless Ventures X – Luxta Mortis (private show) 


From the creators of Cracked survival experience, which has slowly been gaining ground not just in the UK, but international, for its extreme haunt experiences. Last year they teamed up with Heretic Haunted House to create two of the most intense, violent and disturbing shows imaginable and after experiencing the 1st part of Cracked Vs Heretic (I couldn’t get to LA to experience the second part) and I was lucky enough to be invited to experience this private show : Luxta Mortis. It was 30 minutes long and only 6 people were invited to experience this show. I was very excited to experience it and the story fit comfortably between the two shows and it completed a gap in the story from last year’s Cracked Vs Heretic show. Going through this show felt very special and emotional and I felt that i had a connection with everyone I met and I also faced a fear of mine. This show truly took me on a journey.

Stood outside a st of stairs, I was lead down them to a set of doors. I stepped through and the door closes behind me. Inside a white face is in front of me. I then go into darkness as my vision is taken from me. A gentle hand takes mine and leads me into a room. I’m then asked to kneel. I can then see again and i’m face to face with a gas mask which then gets put on me. I’m gently guided onto my back and i’m again it goes dark. It then goes quite with just white noise being heard. Then I hear movement. A voice breaks the noise. It’s Blake’s voice.

I’m put into darkness again. A gentle hand takes my hand and guides me to my pathway. I’m back into the light and I lie down for the doctor. Apathy and serenity come over me, shadows and demons seem to be extracted from me and my stomach. My head is immobilized and held, and the doctor looms over me.

I’m put into darkness again and a gentle hand takes mine again, I’m asked to kneel again, a stern faced women faces me, A familiar face, and she begs me to see the real me. She keeps begging, a baptism of blood is put onto my forehead, before coldness hits my face. I get my breath back. A mirror is there and I see my reflection and I’m asked can I see my self. I know you are there to find the real me, who am I?

I’m in darkness again. The gentle hand guides me to a room and I’m sat down, I’m handed a piece of paper. I read it. It says ‘I am Blake’ and as I try to continue reading, the demons stare at me and as Blake stares at me and tells me to keep fighting, I continue to read as they go to war and then I’m rushed out.

As were rushed out the gas mask embraces my skin again. I’m told to kneel. Blake embraces us and thanks us and then we are guided out and leave.


This show filled a gap between last year and explained and completed a story. It felt personal, emotional, intense and I felt a connection between each character I met. This was an amazing show and told a story and fully immersed you into it. The guys here did a fantastic job with this show and I loved it and enjoyed it so much. I love what these guys do and they do immersive theater so well and to perfection in my eyes and I cant wait to experience more of their shows.

Who am I?

I am Blake

We are Blake

You are Blake

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