Thorpe Park’s Living Nightmare Extreme

Having experienced The Walking Dead Living Nightmare during Fright Nights last year I was very excited for this. Adding the word extreme usually gets us excited to be fair. So at 6pm on Saturday 19th May, annual pass holders got to experience a first look at it.

The Slammer queue line has become the queue line for the maze, with signage, a warning board and queue time board being added to the entrance. You then get batched into the tunnel, which still has the Cabin In The Woods force field print on the walls (not that you can tell). When you get to the end of the tunnel you then receive the usual safety announcement and then you wait your turn.


I’m not going to go into much detail about what happens in the attraction, but the next part of this review will have potential spoilers to anyone wanting to go in blind. So progress only if you don’t mind some bits being spoilt.

The majority of the maze is unchanged. The route is still the same. The only aesthetic change that was obviously noticeable was the ending. You enter to Neegan and his minion. What happens in this pre show has changed from what it was at Fright Nights and I fed it works so much better. From the moment you enter, the vibe is just different and within 30 seconds you find out why it’s extreme. They will pick on one person and send them into the maze on their own. Once they are sent in, your told to face the wall with your hands on your head. Neegan than picks two others to go in, and then his minion speaks out of order and gets thrown against the wall. The vibe just keeps building and your then sent in. From the minute you enter the flaps, the zombies are there and they are hungry.

There really is a shit load of actors in there. Between 25 and 36 at any one point will be in there with you. You will get grabbed, cornered, separated. They really have upped the intensity of the attraction, which is great. The chain link room (before the bus) has about 10 actors and is by far the most intense room. The zombies are also different. They aren’t just slow moving. There is a range of slow, fast, soft and aggressive zombies.

Once you go through the bus, this is where things change. At Fright Nights you met Neegan again. This time, you meet a zombie. You then have to go through many, many hessian curtains, with zombies hiding and appearing out of no where. If you don’t expect it, it’s fucking scary.


I do, however have one negative, one advisement and one advisement for visitors. My negative is their wasn’t enough touching. In an extremer version, the hands on should be a bit more. They are hungry zombies and so I think a bit of grabbing would add to the intensity a bit more. But its lacking of it doesn’t ruin the attraction at all. My advisement would be smaller groups. The groups are really big and kind of ruin the extreme bit. My visitor advisement is don’t judge it if you get a run with screaming teenage girls. Out of the 11 runs I did (I have a VIP pass), I had one run with teenage girls and it ruined the run. The other 10 however were insane. It was an absolute pleasure going through this and I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, every involved, especially the actors, who made this just amazing.


The Walking Dead Living Nightmare Extreme runs from 25th May to the 3 June at Thorpe Park resort and we highly recommend it. Don’t forget that Apocalypse Weekends are also on and annual pass holders can get an exclusive pop badge!




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