Scare Kingdom – Walpurgis Night

So again I found myself in a very familiar car park with the familiar smell of the farm, which can only mean one thing. I was back again at Scare Kingdom for Walpurgis Night. This event was on for one night only. This also marks the exact halfway point to Halloween as well whoop! We found ourselves in a familiar waiting area ready to be taken to our first attraction of the evening. We did not wait long at all. As soon as we were checked in we were led to our first attraction.


The first attraction was Manormortis – Unhappily Ever After which was based on twisted fairy tales. As we entered the room there was a fairy godmother like character who gave a great introduction to the story and also a dark, cloaked and hooded thing holding a book which was talking to us and explaining about how twisted the fairy tales have become and that we were going to see it for ourselves. Then we went into the attraction and we were greeted by various different characters either wanting us to help them, warning us or wanting us to be their possible date. This attraction was brilliant. The characters we meet were incredibly interactive with us and told the story brilliantly and it came across strong. It also had a few scares and surprises along the way as well. We then found ourselves back outside. I really enjoyed this version. It was different to any version I’ve experienced before and loved it. It was intense and kept you on your toes around every corner. I loved it. It was a fun and scary attraction. Brilliant job guys.


Then we wandered across the fields to our next attraction which was Body Snatchers – Bedlam which was based on prisoners who had escaped and how they got let lose and we were visiting them. As we entered the attraction we are greeted by a character who is on the look out for escapees and this character really Interacted with our group and was a great start to the attraction. Then we were lead into another room and meet another character who was the one who let all these people loose and the two characters really bounced off each other and were funny and intense too. Then we went of to meet the keeper of all the people and this is where we got a great scare. It was brilliant. Then she lead us to meet/ see the prisoners and this last section we did as a two as the group gets split and this bit was intense, dark, chaotic and scary and we ended up being chased back outside. I really enjoyed this attraction. It had a great story throughout. It was funny, intense and scary too. Brilliant job by all again and nice ending to the this attraction.


Then we ended up in the bar area and the last attraction is always a highlight of my visit to Scare Kingdom. I love this attraction a lot. So yes you might of guessed it, we are about to do Psychomanteum – The Queening, the pay for extra attraction you can do at the end after doing the other attractions. Unfortunately I can’t reveal what happens in the attraction, but what I can say is that is was a brilliant. It may be one of my favourite versions they have done! It was funny, intense and weird (but a good weird) and I have learnt what queening is lol (Google it if you want to know at your own risk 😂). I enjoyed it a lot and I really can’t help but laugh when going through the attraction. It’s good fun and I like how it’s still intense as well. Absolutely brilliant job done by the guys in there and one of the most memorable ones too. I loved it.


Overall had a fantastic night at Scare Kingdom. I had so much fun! We were screaming, laughing and had a blast. Thank you Scare Kingdom for a fantastic night and now I can’t wait to come back for the summer overnight event.




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