Unescapable Derby – Edith

After having heard/read many good things about this escape room room, I thought I would go to Derby to check it out. I’ve not done one for a while and I have been missing some scares.

This was no ordinary scary escape room. Edith takes it to the next level and combines tricky puzzles, padlocks and combinations and stuff that you would see in the crystal maze with scares and tricks that you would see in a scare attraction.

We knew very little about this room before entering it and we’re going in with no idea what to expect or any knowledge of what would happen and to me is the perfect way to experience this room. We arrived 10mins before our time slot and we were greeted by the lovely Joe who gave us a warm welcome and explained a little bit about the room and the place. Then we were taken by Stuart to the room, where he explained to us the story and what we had to do. This was brilliant, as a little bit of humor was thrown in and was one of the best introductions to an escape room I’ve had.

Then we were let into the room and the clock started ticking. Once we got into the room we started searching the room for clues, keys and combinations and puzzles to do. Like with any escape room some were harder than others, and the room had a habit of turning the lights of just as you needed them. There was also some strange noises coming from a wardrobe in the corner of the room. It was definitely scary and intense. Trying to work things out and do things while the wardrobe was doing things and the room kept going into darkness. I’ve not been so panicked and shaky to do things in a room like I was in the room. We were generally terrified and it made it extremely hard to work out the clues and follow the story. It was like doing an escape room in a scare attraction. This room had a few surprises thrown in as well (my Scottish accents terrible) and it must of been one of the funniest things for the game master to watch. With us screaming, shouting, jumping and forcing each other to go first to do something. This room terrified us and made us really think.

Luckily we worked together as a team to solve the final puzzle and escape the room with minutes to spare! We then tumbled back out into the foyer breathless, slightly trembling, scared and grateful we got out but ecstatic that we had managed to beat Edith as a two!

Everything about this room was so good. The sets were impressive, the puzzles were ingenious and hard, the scares were spot on and terrifying and had me saying all sorts and reacting in ways I’ve not reacted before and if we could watch it back it would be hilarious. A huge well done to everyone involved in creating such a stunningly scary and well executed experience. If you haven’t visited Edith then we suggest you go and book yourself in very soon. You wont regret it! We were very impressed with Edith and want to do it again. It was scarier than we expected. We loved it so much, such a fun experience and still buzzing from it now. Looking at their website this evening, it would appear that they also have a new room coming soon.

We will definitely be back to experience both Mary and the other current room Tommy. Tickets start at £25PP based on two players with discounts available for larger groups.

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