Who Are We?

You may have liked our page or followed us on Instagram or even both, all of whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts, but not many of you will know who we are or what the point of Parks, Scares and Glitter is.


Lets go back to when Amber and I met. We met in 2014 (fuck me, has it really been that long) at the TowersTimes Summer (it rained, like a lot) Sizzler event. Technically it was the night before but booze happened and I couldn’t remember what happened. It started a friendship that has been going for nearly 4 years.


That same year, we both did our first attraction together, which I think was Thorpe Park’s Cabin in the Woods maze. This was at the SouthParks Scaremazing South event (there’s a theme here). We both screamed a lot. That evening, Ambers most infamous moment happened within our TTSP community. We did Blair Witch Scare zone and she screamed and jumped at many bushes, just because they existed. We were in stitches. This was also the weekend where I started to fall in love with Scare attraction. This was also the weekend where extreme scare attractions as she did her first Face It Alone at Thorpe in Studio 13.


Jumping forward in time, we’ve experienced a lot together and been there through the good and the bad and she is partially responsible for me doing my first ever Face It Alone at Thorpe too, and I’m partially responsible for her falling in love with I’m A Celebrity. With our joint passion for theme parks and scare attractions we thought we would join forces to make a page that not only celebrates all things park and scare related, but one that celebrates our friendship, and this is where Parks, Scares and Glitter came from. We aren’t trying to be like the big players like TowersTimes/SouthParks or ScareTOUR as we can’t compete with people like that for coverage, so we don’t. We cover the things we like, thing that we’ve experienced, things we want to share and well, just have fun.


Hopefully this gives some insight to the reason why Parks, Scares and Glitter exists. Its a celebration of a close friendship with scares and rides thrown in for good measure. So come for the ride, stay for the screams and celebrate with glitter and few drinks!


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