Valenterror at Scare Kingdom Scare Park

Once again I found myself parked in a dark car park, on a farm in Blackburn. That can only mean one thing. We’re back at Scare Kingdom Scream Park for their Valentines event, Valenterror, celebrating the season of love and with 3 attractions on offer. Zombies Dead in the Dark. One glow stick to light your way, total darkness and zombies. House of Harlots, A brood of blood thirsty women who are after you and then Psychomanteum Heartless, the 18+ add on attraction.


I’ve been looking forward to this since the event and line up were announced and it marks a year since I started going to Scare Kingdom too and I was very excited to experience and see the new attractions they had on offer and to see what they are like and boy I was not disappointed at all! Also I was lucky enough to experience all 3 attractions twice as the lovely Mikey from Scaretrack invited us to join them. Don’t forget to check out their podcast from the event and give them a like too! So let’s get to the attraction. First up of the night was Zombies Dead in the Dark.

We were taken from the waiting room by a lovely lady and lead over to the attraction. Now after a short walk across the field in the darkness we found ourselves outside the attraction. A gentlemen came to the door to invite us in. The gentleman explained to us the background on what was going on in the house and how we had to save his lady friend from the undead as she had gone missing and that we had to be careful of the undead too. We were then handed the only tool we would have to see, a glow stick!
Now just to add to this, our group of 3 was split and we did the attraction alone and the entire attraction was in complete darkness. It was pitch black, you couldn’t see anything and the glow stick did buger all but attract the zombies to me! I absolutely loved this. It was absolutely terrifying being alone in here. It was like my worst nightmare. The zombies in here were wild and crazy, every corner, every corridor I went down there were zombies. I had no idea where they were coming from and they really got in my personal space too. I went round screaming, swearing and talking to myself to get me through. Generally one of the most terrifying mazes I’ve done and doing it alone completely threw me aha. Amazing job by the guys in here.


The next attraction was House of Harlots. Based on blood thirsty vampires that were after us! We found ourselves outside a funeral parlor in old London. We were greeted by the lovely Queeny who seemed to take a liking to us all and then we meet his other lady friend too. Only at Scare Kingdom would you see a bearded lady and these two together. It was just brilliant. Then the lady took us in to meet the main lady who was trying here best to get our attention and explained how her and her ladies are waiting for us. She was flirty and funny. She had us in stitches of laughter. Then we went in and there were some great scares. One from the coffin got me good. As we got to the end we were in complete darkness trying to find our way out and we’re chased out by a blood thirsty lady with a power drill in their hands. I loved this attraction. It’s had the right mix of comedy and scares and had us screaming and laughing.


Then we find ourselves in the barn with a bar with means one thing…. It’s time to experience Psycomanteum Heartless and see Dr Goodkind so we could be treated. Now I won’t say what happens in here as I’m not able to, but this is my favourite version I’ve experienced of the attraction. It most definitely has gone back to its roots and felt longer too. It’s by far the most intense, vile, disgusting and uncomfortable, but all in a good way. I very much have a soft spot for this attraction. I went through all the feelings in the attraction from laughing, scared, to what an earth did I just experience, all with a huge smile on my face. Honestly can’t wait to see what they do for the next version of this. I’ve never come out an attraction needing to get a better taste in my mouth.


So after all of that we had an amazing night. I loved it so much. It was terrifying, fun, scary and funny. To me, it was the perfect balance and a great way to spend Valentines to. I love all of Scare Kingdom’s events and they did not disappoint this time around at all. I had a blast and they did a fantastic job with this event.


Below is a link to the Scaretrack podcast on which Amber features!

Thank again Scare Kingdom for an amazing night and thank you to Scaretrack too. We shall be back at Scare Kingdom for Walpurgis Night!


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