Full Screams Ahead!

2018 is a packed year for both scare fans and theme park fans. With so many different new things happening, we thought we would share a whopping 8 things we are excited about this year. But we are going to also keep it simple and keep it UK based.


Wicker Man – Alton Towers

It would be really fucking stupid to not have this on the list. The first wooden roller coaster in the UK since Megafobia opened in 1996. Add to that fire effects and a ritualistic fathering, it combines two interesting things with a wooden coaster. Now to us that’s rather exciting!



For anyone in the scare industry be they fans, suppliers or companies, than ScareCON is the event for you. This year its got even more exciting somehow. Its not just on for one day like previous, but two! It will be at held at Alton Towers on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd May and will include “talks, workshops, trade show elements, multiple scare mazes, live room escape, SCAR awards, gala dinner, live entertainment, after show party” and a hell of a lot more and we can not wait! For more details check out http://www.Scarecon.org


Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Yep, another new coaster for the UK but unlike Wicker Man, this one is steel and a double launch with inversions and although it lacks the theatrical pizzazz that Wicker Man is likely to have, its still going to be amazing. So we have the rematch of Blackpool Pleasure Beach Vs Alton Towers like in 1994 when Nemesis and The Big One opened!


Tulley’s Shocktoberfest

Always the first scare park of the Halloween season for many people, this year will be even more exciting and scary than usual with it introducing a 9th attraction to the line up. All we know is it is likely to have a prison theme and we are super buzzing for this. Their last new attraction, Coven of 13, blew our minds back in 2016 and it got even better last year, so we are excited to see what they do with this new maze.


Thorpe Park’s X Retheme

One that is kind of flying under the radar until recently is the retheme of X. Rumour has it (and none of this is official or nowt and is purely speculation) its going to be rethemed to The Walking Dead. Now, we will be honest. We were slightly dubious over The Walking Dead joining the Fright Nights line up but we were pleasantly surprised with one of the two new mazes and so we’re sort of excited for this if true. Hopefully it is true because we think it would bring something a bit fun and a bit scary to join DBGT and lets be realistic, Thorpe are king of the theme park scares so this is up their alley.

EDIT: As well as the X retheme, Thorpe Park have also revealed that Saw Alive will open during the summer!


Scare Kingdom Scream Park

Scare Kingdom is of course on our list, partly because Amber would beat my senseless if it wasn’t included, but mainly because it has an awesome array of year round events. From Valenterror to Walpurgis Night to the Halloween season. There is always something going on and Amber had become quite addicted to the place. With Snuffhouse After Dark not happening, it still remains to be seen if they are planning anything to replace that this year, but time will tell.


Tiger Rock at Chessington

Not a new ride as such, Tiger Rock is the retheme of Dragon Falls. It may not be the most exciting thing to happen this year, but it will be lovely to see if the concept art is accurate. We hope it is as it looks bloody brilliant. Plus who doesn’t want to see one of their four new tigers in their new habitat around the ride. I mean, tigers and a log flume!


Halloween Season 2018

Yes this is a bit of a cop out we know, but because so much happens in such a small space of time, we can’t single out a single attraction. From one night experiences to mass scream parks, there is always so much to do and little time to do it. We are still arguing what was the best attraction last year and we don’t think we will ever decide on a single attraction. Plus we are hoping to get to new events this year too so yay!

So that is a list of some of the things we are excited for in 2018. We also have a couple of overseas trips being planned too with Port Aventura, Phantsialand and Europa Park all being look at. Europa would of course be for Traumatica! But reviews will be coming for everything we do be they theme park or scare or other related.


Dom & Amber

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