Room Escape Southend – Apartment 666

So it’s our first escape room/attraction of 2018,and what better way to start it than with a visit to Room Escape Southend. So once again I found myself back at Southend. This time we’re back for Room escape Southend’s new room Apartment 666. Now last time I was down here was for Cabin which seems like a long time ago now and the guys from Room Escape have really worked their asses off for this room. The room is completely different and looked exactly like an apartment, a huge transformation and the guys as always have done a fantastic job with this room.

I’m going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible but there might be bits in this review that will contain spoilers! This for sure has to be one of the hardest rooms they have done to date. The puzzles in this room were very intricate, with a mixture of puzzles, mathematics, pictures and a range of different padlocks to unlock etc. There were points that we were completely stuck and scratching our heads too! I found myself not being of much help lol,but did the bits that I could do and spent most of my time hiding in the corners of the room and holding onto my friends so i was not caught! And I got stressed as the pen we were using, another friend took haha. But after a while things started coming together and we were working out clues and unlocking the padlocks! Then after about 55mins we found the final part we needed and we escaped! With 3:43mins to spare!

We all really enjoyed this room! It was so much fun. We had such a blast doing the room. There were points where we were laughing, screaming, huddling, working out and points where we were just looking puzzled. The room is full of surprises so when we were getting somewhere,something would happen in the room. What happens I’ll leave out of the review as the rooms only just opened this weekend. I loved this room it has a really good mix of puzzles and scares and the guys have really have done a fantastic job with this new room. We loved it and it was so so much fun! I’m still hurting from the giggles and laughing. Brilliant job by room escape and I can’t wait till I’m back to do their room for valentines.

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