The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs

The best way to describe this place is basically a scary show with so many characters and secrets that its just brilliant. It’s not for the easily scared (which is surprising given Amber visits often and she is easily scared). It is a mix of factual show scenes, adult humour and scares. It may have a small cast but they use this to their advantage and it makes me love the place even more.


When you first visit, you approach the front, only to be sent round the back to enter. You then wait in a tunnel and after some waiting you then enter and wait to really journey into the experience. The last waiting area is themed with posters and it sets the vibe for what is to come. A hooded figure than fetched you for your journey. She takes you to a room, takes her hood off and so begins the innuendos and gesture. They explain the history of London Bridge. It’s pretty much fun history. You then get guided to the one thing you would not expect to see in this attraction, A Museum about London Bridge, with this huge scale model of how it used to look. You wait here and the. Your journey then begins. I won’t go into much detail about what happens next as it’s more fun now knowing, but all I will say is expect Romans, vicars, landlords and other brilliant characters.


Once the first half is done, you get the choice to venture on, if your brave enough, and if not you can leave. But don’t leave as the London Tombs section is just amazing. It’s totally immersive, highly themed and provides some great screams. That’s all your getting from me though. So if you have never been, than do it. You won’t regret it. And if you have already done, than you can see why it’s deservedly won the ScareCon award for Best year round scare attraction!


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