Scare Kingdom Scream Park’s Christmas FestEVIL


So you thought Christmas was going to be quiet with no scares? Well, you’re wrong. Scare Kingdom Scream Park’s Christmas FestEVIL event is what any scare fan needs at Christmas time. The event ran for two nights only and with three attraction open for this event, all of which have had a festive makeover, its the perfect excuse to bring the scares to this happy time of year and yes, I went and got my scare on.

As a lot of people know, I love Scare Kingdom and I don’t hide my love for the place, and their out of scary season attractions that i’ve done have blown me away, so I was really really excited to go to my first ever Christmas event at the scream park. I do think i need my own parking space given how much i am here lol. So we pulled up and parked at what was a bloody cold Scare Kingdom and we wait to be taken to the first attraction of the night. Manormortis: The House of Living Toys. After a not long wait we got taken over in our group of 8. This is something i love about the place. You go in small groups and it makes the experience much more intimate.

Manormortis: The House Of Living Toys


We were taken in and as we walked into the first scene. There was someone just standing still in the fire place, but the first thing to catch my eye was hanging from the ceiling. There was 3 large dolls and one looked like Annabel! This freaked me out completely as I don’t like dolls at all, so I was very much focused on the scene that was being set but the actor! And then we went though the fire place and into the house. We were greeted by a mixture of characters and toys who all had a story to tell us and something to warn us about. As you got to each point in the house, the toys you meet were fantastic in what they did and in between the rooms you got some amazing scares as well that just came out of no where or a draw at one point and the finale to this attraction, I just love as well. It was creepy, funny and intense. I loved this version of Manormortis. It had the perfect mix of story telling and scares and you were well and truly immersed into the story and characters too. Also there was certain points that really stood out for me as well, like the opening scene with the hanging dolls, the room absolutely full of dolls, a scare that came from a dolls house, the toy solider in the courtroom and the ballerina. It was full of fun, laughs and scares and had some hilarious moments to. Loved this attraction and a great start to our night, it was spot on! The sets were stunning, the scares were great, the actors were so good. Great job guys! The Christmas version of this attraction is what I describe as a scary pantomime as the Christmas events tend to focus on story telling rather than scares but boy this delivered in a big way! This is one of the most beautiful attractions I’ve done and always blows me away when I do it. Now onto our second attraction of the night, Body Snatchers: A Christmas Presence. We walked past and through a few of the Halloween attractions and then we were at the door waiting to be let in.

Body Snatchers: A Christmas Presence


Body Snatchers, is another stunningly themed haunt that is open for Christmas and this time it was themed around a seance that was led by the quirky and over the top and rather camp Florence Cook. I was very excited to see what this attraction had up its sleeve given the theme of it as well. So we then step into what feels like a a cobbled street in London and we are outside the funeral parlor. This is one of the largest and most beautiful facades to an attraction I’ve seen. It was like we were back in old London and then we are welcomed by the hilarious character called Fishy Fanny who entertained us and flirted mercilessly with the crowd, much to the amusement of the whole group, with here clever innuendos and she really took a liking to the men of the group and had the whole group laughing and giggling! She wanted us to have a smell of her fish lol and the smell was awful but brilliant too and then we only became more amused as the famous and lovely Dougie steps out from the house seemly unimpressed with Fanny and tries to bring us back into the mood they should be in. After all we are about to conduct a seance all with very little help from Fanny. These two together were brilliant and I loved these two characters and With a huge grin on our faces, and still laughing. we enter the funeral home and meet Florence Cook who guides us through the Seance with great gusto and amusement and with his helper butting in trying to help him with a hilarious effect to! These two really bounced of each other brilliantly. We then conducted a Seance together and one of our names from the group ended up on the black board and then after being guided into the rest of the attraction, we were split up for the last section, which was full of ghost like creatures that scared the crap out of me. It was also pitch black! Another brilliant attraction again. The actors were brilliant and it was incredibly funny our group did not stop laughing. The sets were stunning and the story came across wonderfully. I loved this attraction. It was a perfect mix of humor and scares. Fantastic job again by the guys. I was grinning ear to ear after the two attractions we just experienced. We then were walked over to the bar area. This is where Psychomanteum is located. With a new version of the show, I dumped my stuff with a friend and waited in the short queue, signed the disclaimer and waited for my turn.

Psychomanteum: Bloodmass


Unfortunately I can’t reveal a lot as we sign a NDA upon entering this attraction, so as much a I would love to tell you what happened, I can’t. But I’ll tell you my thoughts and feeling and honestly,I will never see Santa and his elves the same way ever again and I spent the entire time going between feeling uncomfortable, gagging, and laughing through each of the scenes. What creeped me out even more was that the actors kept using and saying my name to and even got something in about my work which surprised me too and BloodMASS was so much grosser than the Halloween version I’ve done. It felt like it lasted a lot more longer than at Halloween, which is good. It never let up the whirlwind of filth, grossness or intensity. Credit to the actors in here. You were all amazing in here and never let up and gave me a great time when I was in there. I actually went though twice and they were both different and the second time around was even better! I absolutely love this attraction and this version is my favourite yet! I loved it. It was funny, grim, gross and intimate. The perfect combination! Well done guys. I’m well excited for February now!


So overall, I bloody loved Scarekingdom’s Christmas event. It was the prefect mix of scares, story telling, stunning sets and festiveness and I came out of it grinning from ear to ear and wanting to do it all over again as well! Well done Scare Kingdom, fantastic job, loved it and the perfect Christmas scares! Thanks guys for an amazing night. As mentioned earlier, I now can’t wait for February’s Valenterror event.

On the 16th and 17th February 2018, Scare Kingdom opens its doors for its annual Valentines event, this year named Valenterror. It will have three attractions open, ZOMBIES – DEAD in the DARK, Body Snatchers: House of Harlots and Psychomanteum: Heartless. More information can be found at

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