Farmageddon has a reputation of being THE place for scares, so i was very very excited to finally have been able to make it to this event. The tickets for this event always sell out really quickly, so i was so happy i got one. We arrived later than planned ans after a few hours of driving it was nice to finally get out and stretch my legs, but I was also worried about time as we only had an hour left before it closed. I was worried that we wouldn’t do everything and even though i didn’t do the Zombie paintball, i got to experience the mazes, so i was very happy. We grabbed our wristbands and entered the park. The first thing that hits you is the atmosphere of the park. Straight away your hit with loud music. In the middle were some large, creepy animatronics that were always watching. Air horns would sound a lot too, making their victims, and me, jump. The minute you walk in, it felt very club like with lasers, lights etc. It felt awesome. We headed for our first haunt which was Terror on the Farm.

Terror on the Farm. The first thing you notice is the huge queue. Luckily it constantly moves though so the waiting wasn’t too bad. A fast moving queue would normally make your worry that they were being a throughput machine by doing huge groups and batching very quickly, but this wasn’t the case. They were just very good at their job. We were allowed to enter in just our group of three. This attraction was about 20 minutes long and takes you throough multiple sets. The story was a bit rough, but the sets and huge animatronics more than made up for it. The live actors were cleverly hidden throughout the attraction and worked very well with the props and other set pieces. The scares themselves were mainly jump scares, but the actors and effects were so on point that they always got me. I was nervous the entire way through. Honestly its a very impressive haunt that left me shaking a lot. Its just beautifully themed with a great combination of actors, effects and animatronics. Amazing start and I can’t fault any part of it.
Our next maze was The Meat Locker. The queue for this looked really bad, but we then saw it had multiple queues, and the one we joined only had a ten minute wait. Get in. This haunt had a very dedicated theme and it genuinely made me feel like i was in a freezer at a butchery. We enter a room and the door in front of us automatically opens and we get rushed in and then a other tiny group gets forced in and join us. The door then closes. A sound clip plays explaining the story line and as it plays out the room starts to fill with smoke and then the lights go out. We are then rushed out of the room by a military person. We end up in what can only be described as corridor upon corridor of bodies and limbs. The walls were covered in blood splatter and props lay about the place. Again, the majority of the scares were jump scares. Some of the actors liked to creep about and hide in plain sight before getting you. Going through you are left wondering where the next scare will come from. Everything works in sync with each other and it created a very intense theme. This maze was just disgusting and i screamed and jumped a lot. I was just clinging onto my friend James throughout the maze as i was that scared.I absoluty loved this maze. It was one of he most disturbing and disgusting mazes i’ve ever done. They did an amazing job.

Our final maze for the night was Contagion 3D. We joined the fairly short queue. Over the last two years i’ve done plenty of 3D haunts and I hate 3D so much to the point I point blank refuse to wear the glasses now. Even without the glasses (Although you should always do what your told in the mazes, so keep the glasses on). In this haunt they have really got the 3D painting spot on. Its everywhere. There was not a single place that wasn’t covered in the paint which made it near on impossible to know it if was a prop or an actor. The scares in this one were the best out of the three mazes and they well and teuly play on this deception and disorientation they create to create some surprising scares that just seemed like they came out of no where. Also the zig zag slopes and trummel made it feel like we really were in some sort of twisted fun house. the soundtrack really added to the experience too, but what was by far the most impressive thing the team did in here was the fact that as soon as you say a name in their (M friends started calling my name out) the actors instantly picked it up and passed it onto the actors in the following scenes. I found this amazing and made it feel a bit more personal. Plus this meant i got a bit more ‘tortured’ by the actors. I actually ran out of this maze as the finale is that that strong. They got everything so right in here and it was the best 3D maze i’ve ever done.
I absolutely loved Farmageddon. When you were queuing for the haunts it felt like you were queuing for a massive rave which all the lights and lasers going on around you as well as the loud music. This scare park had some of the best look facades and had some roamers in the queues. The atmosphere out of the haunts is just amazing and really buzzed me. They have got everything right and i can see why tickets sell out very quickly. Everything inside the haunts work in sync and its just an amazing experience. I will be visiting next year for definite. Thank you so much to everyone who made Farmageddon amazing.

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