Fear at Avon Valley



I was told by many people who had visited Fear that it was not to missed and that it was one of the best scream parks out there in the UK, so I knew it had to be on my list this year. After i finished work, i hopped into my car and made the 2 hour journey there and back to finally experience the park.
So I arrived in the car park to what looks like a farm. I go to collect my wristband and waited for my friends to arrive, and as with most of the scream parks i’ve been to this year, Fear had the same festival like buzz in the air, but it felt a bit more homely to me and so it felt easier to get into the vibe. It helped with all the lights and the rides and the plentiful food and drinks stalls around, as well as the music and of course the incredible fire show that turns into a massive rave. I loved that the roaming actors started dancing, and this made others dance and it was just amazing to see. I’ve seen my fair share of flash mobs and roaming actors, but i’ve never seen anything like this. The characters just went crazy and never broke character once. It was truly an experience and its one you have to see for yourself. Lets get onto the mazes shall we. There are 4 mazes on offer and they are 4 intense attractions, each with their own personality. Purgatory, Phobia, Anarchy Live and their new haunt. Side note, these mazes got better the more we did them!!!!
The first maze we did was Purgatory. It was an extremely intense and aggressive haunt that is themed around a prison in lock down due to the inmates rioting. As you enter you experience what would be expected on entering a prison. You walk through scanners and have your photo taken and then all hell breaks loose, literally, as the inmates have taken over and are causing utter chaos. We tried to sneak our way through bathrooms, cells, corridor and finally through a tunnel into the prison yard where a lone prison guard and a few angry prisoners are. The warden tries to keep the inmates at bay as floodlights sweep the area. The area is also very smokey and then the haunt ends with a bang and we exit back into the scream park. We exited with huge grins on our faces and were absolutely buzzing from what we had experienced. It was dark, intense and aggressive. I was truly sucked into everything and it all worked spot on. I was also really happy that the actors were able to touch and move you about as it really added to the attraction and made it feel real and that the inmates were actually dangerous and did not care about us. They never over stepped the boundary either. They got it spot on. A brilliant maze to start the night of with. I could not fault it. I loved it. A side note to my friend who worked in their and targeted me, thanks for showing me no mercy. They had me crawling, pinned against a wall and put me in a head lock. Thanks for that.
Our second haunt for the evening was Phobia. This was an extremely creepy scientific study into fears and the cure for some of the darkest fears which, as you can probably guess, goes wrong. This was a completely immersive and intense attraction that used not only sets, buts scents very well. The dentists water gun thing was a brilliant prop used, but the best and honestly most impressive element of this haunt was the actors. They played these robots that guided you through the facility and checked up on you at specific points. Each of them played the roles perfectly and from the moment they stepped out to meet you, right through until they left you or your line of sight. This also had one of the craziest and intense strobe scenes i’ve experienced for a very long time and caused scares to come out of no where too. The dark corridor that you not get out of and the ending were also spot on as well. Again, i just couldn’t fault this attraction as they got it so right. We left this attraction feeling even more buzzed than we already did.
Third up was Anarchy Live. We were part of a game show where contestants like us are pitted against a murderous team of hungry cannibals. The aim of the game was survival. Whilst the concept is quite simple, its executed perfectly to me with lights and strobes being used around you as actors grab at you and push you about and move you as an intense and fast soundtrack blasts its way through the attraction leaving you with a sense of dread and confusion. The group gets split up at multiple points, either by choice of the victims or the actors, and whilst each route occupies the same spaces, they are totally different routes and the actors can be very creative and do things. Its impossible to explain what goes on inside but it really is pure chaos and mayhem that makes you walk around it while screaming and jumping. Its a very intense attraction. The actors are very lively and aggressive. At one point my hand was grabbed and i was studied. It was brilliant and this one had the strongest ending as well that left us all running out of the maze. another spot on attraction that i can’t fault. Well done guys as this has become one of my favorite mazes.

Now onto the final attraction of the night, The Fourth. Fear kept this a secret, so we had to experience it to find out what happens. And so will you. All i’m going to say is that it was amazing and done brilliantly.

The hype surrounding Fear at Avon Valley exists for a very good reason and I can now see why it gets rave reviews. Its bloody fantastic. Not only were the mazes amazing, but everything was amazing. The roamers here were the best i’ve seen anywhere. There characters were just spot on and they constantly terrified people (Mainly me as i’m a screamer) and at the end of the night they all ganged up on me and i ended up being on stage with mother and her children. It was brilliant. The fire show is just incredible and when the roamers broke into dance, I fell in love with place. I am 1 million percent heading back here next year and i’m going to drag Dom along as he needs to experience this place as well as everyone else. Amazing job to all the team and especially the actors. You guys are amazing!

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