5 Scares For Christmas

For any scare attraction or theme park fan, closed season sucks. Its just shit. Luckily there are things for both types of people and today we are going to give you ideas for five scary related things to do to keep you screaming over the festive period.

Any of the Dungeons attractions scattered around the UK!

The Torturer

Yes there is quite a few Dungeons around the UK and overseas, but lets face facts, they are fun. The quirky characters deliver spectacle and amusement while telling some of the horrible past events and its just wonderfully morbid. It may be a very mild scare, but its the fun mild scare that the whole family can enjoy.

The London Bridge Experience and Tombs

A personal favourite of both myself and Amber, this wonderfully dark and twisted attraction brings together the theatrical side of the Dungeons with a scare maze and the result is wonderfully evil. Its very well themed and very immersive. It tells you the gory details that the Dungeons tend to leave out before putting you in a hole and making you walk the corridors of the London’s scariest attraction.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park’s Christmas FestEVIL

For the braver there is this wonderfully disturbed Christmas event. It gives 3 attractions a festive makeover. Manormortis, Body Snatchers and Psychomanteum will all be receiving a sprinkle of glitter and screams for this event as they become Manormortis – The House of Living Toys, Body Snatchers – The Christmas Presence and Psychomanteum BloodMASS . It only runs for two nights, but we can’t think of a better way to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Walsall ScareMaze – Bad Santa’s Twisted House

Going to be honest, we don’t really know much about this offering from Walsall ScareMaze, mainly because we’ve been a bit slack in finding things out. Sorry. But going by the description it actually sounds rather brilliant. This event only runs for 6 nights, so it is limited tickets.

Room Escape Southend – A Zombie Christmas

The team at Room Escape Southend have given their escape room a festive makeover with A Zombie Christmas. Who doesn’t want to visit the Claus house for Christmas dinner. But, those blasted zombies are going to ruin it and only you can save Christmas, unless your Amber, in which case I imagine a lot of screaming will happen and not enough thinking happening.

The Ghost Bus Tours

As we are nice we are giving you an extra scare for free. Ent we nice. The Ghost Bus Tours in London are also getting into the festive spirit. The Ghost of Christmas Past is what they are offering this year.

So there a list of some scary things to do this festive period. Yes, some run all year, but it’s always fun to get your scare on at Christmas.

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