Scare Actor Interview – Andy Longmore

We appreciate every single actor that we encounter in all the scare attractions we do, so we thought we would share with you lot how a scare actor see’s it, so we took Andy Longmore hostage and asked him some questions. First some background.


Andy started scare acting at the age of 26. He started his scare journey at Screamfest Burton in Slasher. He’s work for 6 different companies, 14 different mazes/events/experiences since he started acting in 2014. His latest scare saw him take to the sewers in Sub Species at Alton Towers.

What made you get into scare acting?
Ironically, acting in general wasn’t something i had wanted to do. I never had any drama lessons or had any experience or interest in it. I thought it would be something i’d be crap at, but believe it or not, my best mate Gary Irving, who has done it for over 12 years talked me into trying it and it turned out to be my hidden talent and very quickly the passion grew and i’ve never looked back.

What is the best part of being a scare actor?
Id have to say its how much fun people have being so scared and using peoples fear against them. We kind of feed off the screams. Its where we get our energy from, a lil bit like Monsters Inc in a way lol, but even better when your friends and loved ones come through as Amber knows to well lol,and how people recognise you and know you for the work you do in a particular maze and come back because they love what you do its such an incredible feeling.

What is the best reaction you’ve had to you scaring someone?
A few spring to mind but 2 of the most memorable ones have to be in Sub Species. Lining everyone up outside the traps and 1st discovering a hollow barrel, smashing it with full force and the whole line screaming, dropping to the floor and trembling in fear, and scaring a guy to the point he dropped to the floor and handed me his wallet. I still scare outside mazes too like with Amber Barrett when i ran up behind her, grabbed her & she screamed and dropped to the floor in the middle of Thorpe Park. There’s always an opportunity that springs up at any moment.

How do you deal/cope with the more aggressive guests?
Easiest way to deal with the nasty guests is to just do nothing at all let them walk on. Don’t waste your energy on them and warn the next actors to just do nothing and let them walk through the whole maze with no actors, leaving them with an experience to make them not want to go back again, or in Sub Species case where they’re all scattered, walk them to the exit and point them to the door or tell the nearest host if there are any but the best option is to stay hidden and just do nothing, keep both the actors and guests safe.


Is there a particular character you have always wanted to play in a scare attraction, but have never had the chance too?
I did have some years ago, which was basically Sub Species, but i’ve done that now, so nothing springs to mind, although maybe one of the vampires in the Terror Of The Towers finale. Having said that id love to do a decent creature type of character.

If you could work at any attraction not just U.K. we’re would it be?
I would probably say Europa Park horror nights as its one that’s been so highly rated.

Of all the people you have scared who had been the best? Or had the best reaction?
Id have to say you, Amber Barrett. even though you weren’t scared in Sub Species you were the most fun, especially as you got the most intense treatment out of all the guests that came through.


Where do you see yourself in a 5 years time?
Id like to think either attraction team leader or designing attractions, like next year i may take the leap and go for a show captain at a top ranking attraction somewhere.

You’re also a scare maze/attraction fan aren’t you, so I have to ask, whats been your favourite one this year?
Well i haven’t done many myself as i’m always acting but from what i’ve experienced this year for me  Hallowscream at York Maze really stood out at the ScareCON Aftershock. Also Ash Hell Penitentiary  at Xtreme Scream Park blew me away.

What advice would you give someone if they wanted to become a scare actor?
Go for it. Its not an easy job but its by far the most fun. Its not something you could do solely for money. Visit other attractions and watch horror films for creative ideas. There’s lots of people who would be happy to help & give advice. i’d love to have someone to come with me acting, someone i could take under my wing and help become a great actor and for them to enjoy it as much as i do.


Thank you so much to Andy for taking the time to do this interview with us. Its been a great inside look to the mind of an actor and I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as we have.


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